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Mosaic & Natural

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Kitchen Tiles

Kitchens have become the hub of the home, create the style you desire in your kitchen with our beautiful range of tiles. From colourful pattern tiles to simple elegant plain colours, we have the range to create the look you want.

A variety of different colours, styles and finishes ensure there are plenty of choices to find the perfect tile to create your dream kitchen.

Bathroom Tiles

Whether it’s to unwind and relax in a stylish modern wet room or retreat to your own personal spa, Chester Tile studio has all the tiles you need to find the right style for your home, from daring graffiti art to simple plain colours that will enhance the feeling of tranquillity.

Our selection of bathroom tiles are suitable for both wall and floor giving you the option to create your perfect bathroom you desire.

XL Format Tiles

With the growing trend for open living and large seamless spaces becoming more mainstream, tiles are adapting to suit this new spacious aesthetic. Maximise your living space with a neutral colour palette to which you can add character and warmth. We have an impressive range of XL Format tiles in store to suit all tastes and styles, please feel free to visit our showroom for inspiration.

Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is now considered more than just a room to brush your teeth in, it has become a fundamental part of the home, a sanctuary to relax and unwind in.

With thirteen full sized bathroom bays in store you get the opportunity to actually see how your new bathroom could look, from vintage and traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary we have products on display and available to order, that we are confident that we can satisfy any taste